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After owning many various brands and types of Bb trumpets through the years, I'd have to say that the Austin Stage 470LT is one of the finest horns I've played.  Being partial to a larger bore horn, the response I get from this horn is awesome.  The horn also allows for a nice round deep tone in the middle registers and a great cutting edge in the "dogs crying" range.  Great for lead, solo and general playing!!!  If you haven't tried one yet, you're missing out!

- Keith Fiala, Former Trumpeter with Maynard's Big Bop Nouveau Band

I love the horn, it is very efficient (all the energy i put into it comes out the bell) and the sound is GIGANTIC.  I would compare it to the Monette Prana 3 and LTJ instruments, respectively, and at a MUCH better price.  I really like the power i can get out of it in the upper register, but it is just as easy to play a more layed back feel throughout the register for small group jazz.  Orchestra exerpts are alos a blast to play:  Pines offstage, Mahler 5, Ballerina, they all come out great.  Articulation is nice and spot on when doing multiple tonguing, no fuzziness that i would associate with a big and heavy-ish horn.  The standard leadpipe is an excellent fit for the monette mouthpieces.

I have settled on a configuration that includes the heavy trim kit and default springs you had in it.  I have, however, removed the O-rings on the bottom caps and this seems to make the horn a little more lively and resonant while still being focused.  All I can say is that its astonishing how much of a difference the horn makes for my sound concept, and it really compliments my approach to playing and even got me to losen up a bit and play more relaxed.

I'll let you know how the gig goes this weekend, playing all kinds of big band stuff from lead to solo.  And have a few guys to let play the horn.  Thanks for a great horn!

-Dr. Derek Ganong, California

Recently I purchased the Stage 470LT with the bronze bell and optional heavy trim.

I've always liked trumpets in the .462 to .464 bore size range and found the .468 and .470 bores a little too big. But not this horn. It is very easy to play for a horn this size. The bronze bell supplies a colorful, expressive dark tone that is great for jazz soloing but around high C and above this horn gets nasty and can really scream. It's like two horns in one. If you like an open free blowing horn with color and expressivenes, you gotta check one of these out.

-Stan Harrison, South Plainfield, N.J

 I have come across many mouthpieces in my quest for the right mouthpiece. When I heard about the Austin Winds line I decided to make an appointment with them. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable about their mouthpieces.


I told them what I was looking for and they had me try their recommendations. After trying some different cup and backbore combinations, I found the perfect mouthpiece for me. That was five years ago and have never strayed from using this mouthpiece in all my lead playing. It is perfect for every style of music I play. Best investment I ever made.

-Paul Zapata. Principal Williamson County Symphony Orchestra and trumpet teacher with Music & Arts, Premier Music Academy

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