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Our mouthpiece is heavy mass, designed to increase the efficiency of the energy transferred from the lips to the instrument. It is a two piece design with standard threads (Warburton style).


The rim is unique in that we believe it to be the optimum balance in regards to round vs. flat and an inner bite vs. lack of grip. Too often a mouthpiece can feel comfortable by having a very rounded rim but this in the long run can lead to bad habits such as excessive pressure and an indented mouthpiece position on the lips.


For this reason, our rim is slightly rounded but still allows for movement and a slight inner bite that can help the player feel the proper position on the lips without sacrificing mouthpiece mobility.


In using this mouthpiece, a player should be able to easily feel the comfort position but still be able to slide around slightly on the lips for different registers or articulations.

If you need assistance with mouthpiece selection, please submit the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back with you with our analysis and suggestions.
Mouthpiece Questionnaire
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