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Stage 470LT brushed Copper

Hometown: Novokuznetsk, Russia

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Pasha Karchevsky is a jazz trumpeter, composer, educator as well as a winner of many international jazz competition. He was born in June 30, 1989 in Novokuznetsk, Russia. In 2015 Pavel graduated in world-famous Russian Academy of Music named after Gnesin. The same year he published the first manual "12 jazz transcriptions for a trumpet". 


Throughout his career, Pasha has played with some of the most famous Russian, European and American Jazz Musician, such as Igor Butman, Anatoly Kroll, Larisa Dolina, Ivan Farmakovsky, Nick Levinovsky, Alex Sipiagin, Terence Blanchard, Allan Harris, Bob Minzer, Valery Ponomarev, Victor Bailey, Joel Rosenblatt, David Fiuczynski, Gino Vannelli, Till Bronner, Linus Lindblom, Isamu McGregor, Willerm Delisfort, Jonathan Michel, Anvar Marshall, Maurice Brown, Russell Hall, Evan Sherman, Mark Whitfield Jr, Evan Paul Marien, Conrad Herwig, Brubeck Brothers, Mirelle Mathieu.

Pasha began studying music at the age of 15 years in Novokuznetsk Russia. Latter in 2010 at the age of 21 he entered Gnesin’s Academy. During the time of education he participated in Russian and international competitions and festivals such as: «Gnesin Jazz»,2011-2014(Russia); «Third competition Young Jazz Trumpeter named after Savin»,2012(Russia); «Jazz at the Hermitage Garden»,2012(Russia); «Aqua Jazz»,2014(Russia); «Triumph of Jazz», 2014-2015(Russia); «Usadba Jazz»,2012-2015(Russia);«Future of Jazz»,2014(Russia); «World Jazz festival»,2014-2015(Latvia); «Syracuse Jazz Festival»,2014(USA); «Jus Jazz Festival», 2014(India) ; «International Versilia Classica and Jazz Festival», 2014(Italy); «Allies of the Great Victory», 2015(France). 
In 2010-2014 Pasha was a soloist of «Academic Band» conducted by the People's Artist of Russia Anatoly Kroll and «Big Jazz Orchestra» led by trumpeter Peter Vostokov. During that time Pavel took part in many festivals in Moscow and other Russian cities with these bands.


In 2013 Pasha was invited to shootings of the music program "Zdravstvuyte Ya Vasha Pyatnica" on the TV channel "Friday" as the musical guest in the band «Sugarmammas» and «Band’ Eros». 
In 2013 Pasha Karchevsky founded a jazz quartet «Optimistic Quartet» with some of the best young musicians of Russia: Yriy Galkin, Ilya Morozov and Anton Kuznetsov. All of which are winners of numerous International Jazz competitions. «Optimistic Quartet» successfully performed in the best clubs of Moscow. In December 2014 Pasha took part in the international competition "Gnesin Jazz". At this festival he became a winner at once in 4 nominations: "The best instrumentalist"; "The best author's composition"; "The best instrumental ensemble" and "The best arrangement of the jazz standard". 


In 2014 Pasha Karchevsky was invited by Nick Levinovsky Russian American pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader in his bands "New Allegro" and "Swing Madness" with which he successfully performed in Russia and at the international festivals: "Aqua Jazz", 2014 (Sochi); "II World Jazz festival", 2015 (Riga). 


In the fall 2014 Igor Butman made the special program "Future of the Jazz" on which he presented new jazz generation from the different countries: Pasha Karchevsky (Russia), Azat Bayazitov (Tatarstan), Polina Zizak (Russia), Russel Hall(USA), Evan Sherman(USA). At the concert in Tchaikovsky's Hall Pasha showed himself as an outstanding composer with extraordinary musical ability. In such structure musicians successfully performed with a series of concerts in Moscow.


In 2013-2015 Pasha was a member of the worldwide famous Jazz band "The Moscow State Jazz Orchestra" consisting of outstanding Russian jazz musicians led by saxophone virtuoso, bandleader, club owner and television host Igor Butman is Russia's number one jazz personality. In 1999, Igor Butman founded the Moscow Jazz Orchestra and since then it has quickly become the hottest ensemble of its kind in Russia around the World. Throughout his collaboration Pavel had (throughout all collaboration with this orchestra) tour across countries and continents in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Far East, Russia and elsewhere. 


On April 14, 2015 Pasha was invited by A. Kroll to demonstrate his own music at the Association of the Moscow Composers. Pasha at once received approval to accede to that association.


On April 30, 2015 Anatoly Kroll invited Alexander Oseichuck's ensemble to the concert devoted to Day of Jazz. The leader of ensemble was Pavel Suyazov and musicians performed author's composition. The composition "Road from" which was written by Pavel was announced by radio Jazz for the Day of Jazz in Moscow. 


In June, 2015 Pavel Suyazov published the first manual "12 jazz transcriptions for a trumpet". The book received excellent comments. Pavel became the first man in Russia who published the manual for a jazz trumpet. The largest magazine about the jazz in Russia "" published the interview about the book. Also there are articles and other Russian editions about this event.


In August 2015 Pasha and his family moved to NYC in pursuit of jazz. Where he has become a regular member of many different bands such as ConSoul video game band, Ron Wilkins and Becca Petterson Big Band, Liberte Big Band, Bump City, Jean Chardovaine band, Revolutionary Consul Afrobeat, Art Lillard Big Band and many more.

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