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Rare 1953 Gold Plated Martin Committee Cornet

Rare 1953 Gold Plated Martin Committee Cornet


Used on consignment, Bb cornet, medium, .451" bore, gold plated with ornate engraving up and around bell. Cornet is said to be one of two that was given to Martin artist Leonard B. Smith. Mr. Smith was principal trumpet of the Detroit Symphony in the 1940's.

Current owner acquired cornet in 1955 or 1956 from a student of Marian Jacobs, former member of the Glenn Miller Band and the Goldman Band of New York City. As the story goes, Marian Jacobs and his friend Leonard B. Smith entered into a contest of whether the sound from a gold-plated cornet gave a more pure tone than a bronze-plated cornet. As a result of the contest Leonard B. Smith gave the cornet to Marian Jacobs.

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