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Balanced Ballad 2

Balanced Ballad 2


The Balanced Ballad #2 is modeled after the Balanced Ballad #1 but with a much more traditional bell flair. It is still a very dark sounding horn but is more suited to all around playing than the BB #1. Custom engraving, stamping, and inlays available. 

  • Specs

    • Heavy tube leadpipe design and mouthpiece receiver for high efficiency
    • Braced tuning slide and bell bend with our balanced Tai Chi (Yin and Yang) design
    • Large bell flair in red brass with brushed lacquer finish
    • Large .466" bore 
    • Stainless steel pistons (harder to manufacture, but more durable than monel)
    • Extra Heavy finger buttons, stems, top caps and bottom caps 
    • Improved amado style water keys (functionally superior to past designs)
    • Extra Heavy finger rings
    • Hand made in the U.K. to our specs 
    • Case not included
    • Mouthpiece not included
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