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Ballad Flugelhorn

Ballad Flugelhorn


Flugelhorns usually fall into one of two categories:  1) One that is an easy transition to and from trumpet that is easy to play but sacrifices the “flugelhorn sound” to a small degree.  2) One that has a big sound but requires a bit more dedication and effort to play.


This beautiful beast focuses on the latter of the two without sacrificing much on the ease of playability. This is what a flugelhorn should be – a big dark fluid sound with qualities similar to the human voice. 
The slotting has a slippery vocal feel to it rather than a rigid definition. This makes our flugelhorn best suited to jazz but with the appropriate mouthpiece can also be used in classical or brass band ensembles.


The design of our flugelhorn follows a bit of a step bore philosophy - meaning that although the bore of the instrument is .433" it is important to note that the entry point is smaller with a .395" mouthpipe. This keeps a consistent flow of air from small to large throughout the length of the horn as opposed to the typical quick step from the small throat of the mouthpiece to an immediate jump in bore size at the mouthpipe. This adds to the lyrical quality of the instrument while maintaining predictable yet fluid control. 

  • Specs

    • Extra large bell flair for a full dark sound
    • .433” bore
    • .395” mouthpipe bore
    • 6.5” red brass bell
    • Stainless steel pistons (harder to manufacture, but more durable than monel)
    • Extra heavy finger buttons, stems, top caps and bottom caps
    • Improved Amado style water keys/Lee’s keys (functionally superior to past designs)
    • Tinted lacquer “Vintage finish”
    • Handmade in the UK to our specs
    • Custom finishes available
    • Mouthpiece not included, options available
    • Case included with upgrade options available
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