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Broadway 466

Broadway 466


The Broadway 466 evolved as a modification to our Stage 466 design.  We use the same internal leadpipe and valves but a smaller and tighter bell flare to brighten the sound and give a little bit more presence. The Broadway 466 is a free blowing, minimally braced trumpet with a consistent tone and feel throughout all registers and volumes. As the name suggests it is geared for a commercial setting and is equally at home on stage with big bands or in smaller combos. Unlike our Stage 470LT that has chameleon-like qualities depending on how hard it is pushed, our Broadway 466 maintains its tone and playing characteristics throughout its range.

  • Specs

    • Heavy tube leadpipe design and mouthpiece receiver for high efficiency
    • Minimal bracing
    • Medium-Large bell flair - slightly brighter sound than our Stage series
    • Combination brushed/polished finish in gold lacquer
    • Large .466" bore 
    • Stainless steel pistons (harder to manufacture, but more durable than monel)
    • Extra Heavy finger buttons, stems, top caps and bottom caps 
    • Improved amado style water keys (functionally superior to past designs)
    • Extra Heavy finger rings
    • Hand made in the U.K. to our specs 
    • Case not included
    • Mouthpiece not included
    • Customization and Engravings available 
  • Return & Refund Policy

    If you have an issue with one of our horns, it is our policy to do everything we can to make it right. As a small business, we value treating people the way we want to be treated. Contact us by email or phone regarding further information on returns and refunds. 

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